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When you are looking to sell in the UK there are some essential items you MUST have, and there are some things we would recommend. 

Below is a short list of things to be aware of.

Essential when selling

You must have a valid EPC certificate for the property - we can help you source this easily if needed.

Please see link below for some further information

Energy Performance Certificates 

If your property has been let or had an EPC done in the last 10 years it is still potentially valid, you can check here.

(nb. If you have done any work to the property or changed anything that will affect the efficiency of the property we recommend getting a new one)

Other than that - you do not NEED anything else before you market.

HOWEVER the world has changed and is constantly evolving, the way people find and view properties has changed rapidly; long gone are the days when people would walk into the office with a newspaper rolled up under their arms with circles around the properties they want to view, now people start their search online  - they research all the information the internet can provide..... which is a lot these days. 

Grayson Florence is set up to be a modern estate agent with traditional values - we can ensure that your property is fully visible in all the areas people look, we like the market are constantly evolving to ensure that you get the best possible market presentation of your property...... This is the only way you can ensure you get the best possible price for your property.


Recommendations when selling

  • Choose an agent who is on the leading property portals - this is where people start their search, to not be on this essential "shop window" is crazy, and will almost certainly mean that can't be sure you have got the best price.  Currently the top two in the UK are and (We are on both)
  • Choose an agent who knows the area - this is important as your buyer will want to know about schools, restaurants and local information when choosing where to buy.  If you agent is knowledgeable about the area they can direct them correctly.
  • Ensure that your chosen agent is contactable and understands what you want from your property journey.  You should be able to get a mobile and direct email for you agent, far too many large organisations rely on the person the customer meets being good at their job, and then covering up that the actually people behind the scenes are not as experienced or knowledgeable. 
  • Photography - this is something that is very very important in today's market.  Ensure that your agent has a good quality camera and is able to enhance any photos that may be dull or not present a positive image.  We believe that you should have less High Quality photos than lots of low quality ones - your property has only 1 chance to secure the interest from the buyer before they move onto the next property in their search.....FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT.
  • Professional photography - this is becoming more and more popular with sellers who feel that the marketing is key to the amount they achieve - for example, if you were selling your car, would you take a good photo of it or just a snapshot on your mobile?? Which would you expect to give a better impression?
  • In line with the photography - the major web portals all offer some form of upgraded listing, this is up to you whether you see the benefit in it or not - but the stats show that it does attract more interest and that can only be a good thing.  (We can of course offer you these upgrades if you want them)
  • Tidy and present your house.... this seems common sense, but you will be amazed how many houses I've sold where the owner is not really worried how it looks - we can sell it, but you are unlikely to get top money.  A few hours time invested in this presentation is certain worth it.  We can offer you a house presentation service to help and guide you on how best to present your property (this is a free service)
  • Try to be out during viewings - this will give you viewer the best chance to have a good look around without feeling watched or pressured, leave your agent to do their job! We are the experts, let us work on your behalf and get you the right money.  If there is any reason you have to be home, just speak to your agent and work with them.
  • Your agent should be able to keep you up to date during the process, not just with feedback, but market updates.  This will ensure that you and your agent are working towards the same outcome.  Selling your property is a journey, an agent that does not keep you up to date with any market changes is on a journey without a map..... they may bump into a sale, but it will probably not be the best possible price. (You should get an update every couple of weeks when the marketing cycle has completed)
  • When you get an offer!! Your agent should be able to present you all the information to make an educated decision - they should be able to give you the buyers situation, finance set up, timescales and any particular requirements of your home.  All this should also be provided in writing as soon as possible.
  • The Agent should give you help and guidance but never tell you what to do - its your house and your choice! Do not feel pressured into selling or accepting an offer that doesn't feel right for you.
  • Finally - WORK WITH YOUR AGENT.... you are both on the same side, wanting the same thing. 


Grayson Florence are able to talk you through all the above - if you have any questions or want an update on your properties value please ask.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, you can be confident that you are getting the right advice!

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