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Our Services

Grayson Florence Property offers the following services

  • Valuation and Sales
  • Sales Progression and Move Service
  • Move or Improve - provision of companies to give advice on improvements
  • House Sitting Service
  • Asset Market Valuation


Valuation and Sales: 

Grayson Florence Property offers a full service estate agent if you are looking to sell your property.  With our experience in the market it is our job to guide you from having your property valued for sale, all the way to the day you hand over the keys and open a bottle of bubbly! 

We will provide you with a professional and evidence supported market valuation of your property.  We will then give you guidance on your next step, whether it be marketing to get you sold for the best possible price and moved, low key marketing to buy you some time to find a suitable property to buy, a mixture of the two or even none of the above and we can come up with another action plan to suit your needs and timescale.

When you are ready to sell and get your property onto the market, Grayson Florence Property offer everything you would expect from an agent, but also a bit extra.

I was always told its not what you do, but how you do it!   All estate agents are tasked with doing the same job, what makes Grayson Florence Property different is how it does it!

We will market your property with the highest quality photography and presentation possible, there are even options for professional photography to further enhance your property if suitable.

Your property will be:

  • Advertised on the main property websites in the UK to ensure that the right people see it at the right time.
  • Advertised in the local media to ensure that anyone still using this media is also exposed to the property
  • Bespoke property flyers will be distributed within the local area of YOUR property
  • Highlighted in the local area by a traditional for sale board
  • Emailed to our applicant database
  • Called out to our applicant database
  • Highlighted on all appropriate social media outlets, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram - please share and like!


Sales Progression and Move Service

When you are sold you have a long way to go before you get the money and pop the bubbly.  You are in safe hands with Grayson Florence Property - I will liaise with your buyer, both solicitors (yours and theirs) and of course yourself.  It matters as much to me as to you that you complete as simply as possible, with this in mind it is my job to ensure that solicitors have all the information they need in a timely fashion, that everyone is aware at all times of the required timescales - I will also help where I can, whether it be collecting documents, speaking to councils or even chasing signatures.  This really is the nuts and bolts of moving house!  Grayson Florence Property will also offer a move service, this is where we will project manage removals/packing and all else needed to help you move and make it as easy as possible - this is just an example of how we do things differently.


Move or Improve

 This may be a new idea, many people often have an estate agent out to their property when they have no intention of selling, but just want to know if they will add value to a property with certain works.  Just tell us at the start and we can be even more helpful.  If you are looking to move or improve, we can give you clear and real advice as to what any potential improvements will do to your property value - we will even give you a guidance and opinion on ways to do it differently maybe?  We have access to suitable trades if you want to take your ideas further, but if you decide that you want to move after all then we can also do that (as you would expect)


House Sitting Service

This is also a new idea.  We are insured and set up to keep your keys and check on your property whilst you are away.  We can check security on set occasions, we can make sure post is cleared to somewhere other than the floor, we can open and close curtains if wanted, we can even take the milk in or meet with any tradesmen.  This is a free service that matches our abilities with your requirements.  The reason we do this for free is that we believe a local estate agent should be a person who is recommended in the local area, and has a relationship with local people. All we ask in return is that when and if you decided to sell, you let us provide you with a valuation and the opportunity to sell your property - you could always choose someone else, but we don't think you will when we show you how we work.


Asset Valuation

If you are a landlord and are looking to update your asset book valuation of your properties, you can ask us to provide this service.  We will liaise with tenants and ensure that there is no misunderstanding which can lead to unsettled tenants.  We will then provide this valuation in writing so you can file it and keep your asset valuation correct. When you are ready to sell any investments, we hope you will give us the opportunity to bring the properties to the market to achieve you the best possible price for your letting investment.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, you can be confident that you are getting the right advice!

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