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8 Jan

Posted By: David Florence 8th January

Exceeding Customer Expectations


This is a hot topic right now, lots of companies and businesses talk about exceeding your expectations, they talk about “Clear Blue Water” and lots of other terms that in reality don’t seem to mean a great deal. 

I believe that being able to fully exceed your expectations, firstly any company needs to fully understand what your expectations are!?

Do you expect a certain level of service, do you expect a certain relationship with the company….everyone has different expectations and what would exceed some, may not even meet others.

How can a company understand your expectations if they constantly focus on what they are giving, rather than listening to what you want. 

There are lots of companies, Large and Small, that focus mainly on what they can do and how great they are……surely this will exceed any expectations that come up??   They talk about how much coverage they have, how many offices and how they will get you the best price….even before they know what you actually want.  They also focus internally on being efficient and saving money where they can in the process, but often this impacts the customer experience.  It sounds like a really difficult balance between being a very efficient and expansive company and providing the customer what they want from a service…..thats the trick!!

With the changing world we live in it is It is critical that offline support should match the online experience – how many times have you had an opinion of a company from its online self and had this changed when you meet the company in the real world? 

I think it is vitally important that what you are able to offer the customer is based on their needs – both potential and understood.  This is called flexability…..

To truly exceed customer expectations – you need to be able to flex to whatever expectations your customer has!

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