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28 Apr

Posted By: David Florence 28th April


Holidays.......these affect everyone and everthing we come into contact with.

How many times have you wanted to contact a business only to find they or the person you want are not available because they are away on a day off, or closed for the holidays?  

How does that make you feel? It annoys me and being British and essentially polite i just take it and work to THEIR timescale.  Ive also worked on the other side of thr coin where a large national chain of estate agents are working on bank holidays etc, now this is a good thing, but not when i was targeted and tasked to call people for an update or to try and sell them something ...... Its a double edged sword, either the business you want is closed or they are interrupting YOUR holiday when you are trying to enjoy time off.

Having just had my first child (Grayson Florence) i now understand more how important family time is, and how you may need to speak outside of the traditional 9-6.  That is why i have set up my company to be contactable by all sorts of medium, if text messages work for you; great we can text you and vice versa, if email is your thing; thats fine. You can also tweet us or use any of our social media channels.

Overall im open holidays but i wont contact you and try to sell you something, if someone wants to talk business im here.....but i might be on the beach!! (Or in Las Vegas as i am as i write this)

Hope to hear from you soon.


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