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25 May

Posted By: David Florence 25th May

Presentation and Care

We are always being surprised by the lack of care and attention some agents seem to take with their clients.  Mistakes can be made, systems can go wrong – but a general level of care is a must.

Grayson Florence Property always try to present our vendors properties to the market in the best possible way, that means trying to take the best photos, getting the price point correct and ensuring that the property does not disappoint buyers when they view.

We notice that some other agents seem to make some of the following mistakes, which in our opinion does not help their clients to realise the best price they could have done for their property.


  • Photos – where do we start on this one, we were always taught that a photo says a thousand words, in the case of some of the property photos we have seen it seems that the agent is talking in another language.  We have seen photos of kitchens with washing up in the sink, photos of gardens with toys strewn around and weeds taking over, bathrooms with every cleaning product including the toilet brush on show and the normal photo of a dining room table with the agent’s folders and phone sitting on the corner.  All these things can be easily avoided with a bit of care.  We were recently in a property where the tenant was not the tidiest, but with a little extra time and care the rooms were presentable for photos.  Yes we could have been out of the appointment 15 minutes earlier, but the vendor would have had a substandard service.  Remember buyers make their choices based on these photos, are they as good as they could be?? Would you look at the photos and think…”Yes, that photo could not be ANY better!?”
  • Price – this is another pet hate of ours.  All the property search engines use whole numbers so why do all the agents still think using £299,999 or £299,950 will benefit the vendor?  We understand that it’s ultimately down to the vendor, but the agent should be helping their client to get the best price for their home.  It’s the 21st Century, do agents still believe that buyers will think they are getting a better deal if a property is £299,950 than if its £300,000??  When buyers search, the whole numbers come at the top of the list; so if your house is on for £299,950 and there are 3 properties in the same search all on for £300,000 then your home is already 4th in the list……for what reason? £50?  Grayson Florence Property will always advise round numbers, but will also try and give their client the reasons and market data to support any price.
  • Care and Communication – Selling your home is a big deal, you are not selling a toaster; and regardless of whether your home is worth £100,000 or £1,000,000 you want the best service and care you can get.  We recently saw an agent post that it was happy that we are having a long weekend and they are going to enjoy the time off!! This was music to our ears and whilst they have been closed we have been working hard for our vendors and have agreed a sale on one and booked viewings for others.  We wonder if those vendors would have preferred we were closed and enjoying the long weekend?  Whilst we understand that no-one can work all the time, as an industry where our buyers are often looking when THEY are not working, surely if you are working for your vendor you would be available when the buyers are? Also if you want to communicate with your agent, why should you have to stick to their timescales? This blog is being written at 11:30 on Bank Holiday Monday – We have appointments this afternoon and although we won’t be contacting anyone for any non-specific reason, we are always available to talk.  Available on Phone, Text, Social Media or live chat…..You should be able to get hold of your agent when you want to….It’s your property!!

Agents should work WITH their clients, it should be a relationship.  That is the only way to get the best result.


If you want to work with us and get the best result for your property contact us.

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