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1 Aug

Posted By: David Florence 1st August

Relationship Agency


Relationships are everywhere, you have a relationship with everyone you come into contact with on a daily basis. 

When selling your home or buying one you are involved in a very personal transaction –the home is where you create your life, the good times and the bad.  Most estate agents see themselves as just another industry, like a shop!! The house is the product, the owner the supplier and the buyer the…well the buyer. 

I believe it should be different, as an estate agent I have access to one of the most intimate areas of your life….your home.  I believe that you should have a good relationship with your agent that goes beyond just employing them to do a job!   

Now I'm not saying that you should be best friends with your agent, but I try to ensure that all my clients have a relationship with me, one that means they can talk to me about almost anything, one that means they can text me late at night if a question pops into their head, one that means they can rest assured that I take the same pride in their home as they do and finally one that means they know that selling their property for the best price to the best buyer, actually matters to me! 

We have only been in business a couple of months, but already we have had a fair proportion of our stock come from recommendation.  We must be doing something right for this to happen, and this is the best form of advertising we can get! 


All my vendors are in my mobile so when they call I can answer the phone as I would to a friend, all my buyers are in my phone for the same reason. 


If you are looking to sell and want to experience the way it should be done, contact us. 

07480 774775 – Why not drop me a text when you want to chat :-)

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