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14 Jun

Posted By: David Florence 14th June


What a year it’s been for us at Grayson Florence Property. The past 12 months have flown by, since we started in May 2015, and I’m delighted to say it’s been a successful first year.

For any business in its infancy, it’s good to look back and keep a close eye on those formative years. In our case, it’d be all too easy to focus on the numbers, as so many estate agents do: we have sold 80+ properties, and of course I’m proud of that.

However, that’s not what excites us.

What motivates us to work each day is the knowledge that we’ve helped 80 singles, couples and families find just the right home for them and aided them on their journey. For those selling, we’ve found the right buyers through our unique marketing methods.

Being a fully independent estate agent means we don’t work for commission in a competitive office environment. We don’t believe in pushy sales and sales for numbers-sake.

We believe house buying and selling is actually a simple process: you tell us exactly what type of house you’re looking for. We not only do just that but – importantly - we remain available to you whenever you need us in order to make the whole process that much simpler.

So often I hear of stories of the selling and buying process becoming an absolute nightmare. Once you scratch below the surface, you’ll discover this is often because once the ‘transaction’ is made, it becomes terribly difficult to get hold of the estate agent to chivvy the process along. Their “job” is done, and they have little interest left. Already moved to the next sale.

It’s a simple fix, really. We remain a small, personal, independent estate agent. We are not influenced by other agents, and we do not believe in traditional work hours. At Grayson Florence, there’s no such day as a ‘9-5. We buy into you as a person and we’re with you for the journey. To us, that means being contactable 24/7 and ensuring the process is as hassle- and stress-free as possible.

We don’t have “clients”, we have friends.

We’re excited for the next year and - as we celebrate little Grayson’s first years - we aspire to continue to make house buying and selling easier for those looking forward to the next stage of their lives.  

We’d like to sincerely thank you for letting us be part of your journey, and we look forward to many more successful house moves

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