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1 Sep

Posted By: David Florence 1st September

I asked them a week ago!!

I asked them to do it a week ago??

The above is something I often hear when speaking to clients; more often or not it's about their agent selling theirs.  It frustrates me when I hear about poor service, where people are treated with a lack of respect or common decency.

It seems most agents are all about the instruction......they seem to bend over backwards to win the business in the first place.  After that though it increasingly seems that the client is on their own. If they have asked for new photos as the original ones are wonky/dark/blurred etc these changes seem to take weeks to change or worse still just don't get done.

This is not the service people should expect, but time and time again it's the service people get.
In the last few weeks we have won the British property gold award for agents in Trowbridge, this is something we are proud of as it's based on service over a 12 week period.  Service is easy, and it's one of the things that agents get wrong again and again - and people just seem to take it.

Did you know you have 14 days from when you sign a contract to cancel with no cost or obligation?? This is UK law, but agents don't tell people!! If you have signed up and the first 2 weeks the service is not good, or you have to ask more than once for something, call us and let us show you a difference.

You should #Expectmore and we can provide that, and now the awards are staying to prove that.



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