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13 Mar

Posted By: David Florence 13th March

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It was on a long drive home from a weekend away in North Wales that I decided on the topic for this blog post. Despite the advice I provide about the practicalities and ‘best practice’ for a house sale or purchase, what I really want to ensure is that you’re getting the right home, just for you.


It’s not really about the walls, the ceilings, fixtures and fittings and the number of bathrooms. Ok, of course all those things are important and if you need two bathrooms, then you need two bathrooms. But what must ultimately supersede this is the feeling, atmosphere and the vision that you can visualise yourself being happy there.

It’s important when viewing a house to see how you’d make your personal stamp on it, both in terms of physical alterations and picturing yourself in that setting. Next time you go for a viewing, try to look part the beautiful presentation (though it is hard, and most don’t do it), and put yourself in this scenario:


You’ve had a rubbish, stressful day of work and to top things off, the traffic was terrible. You arrive home and your partner is frustrated at your lateness, and you’ve got to cook dinner, get the kids to bed and prepare for another day tomorrow.


In the above situation – days we all have – coming back to a space that’s relaxing, comforting and a home is what will bring happiness.


Don’t ever be pressured into a purchase. Sometimes the spec is perfect, but you just don’t feel it, and that’s totally fine. Take your time and don’t rush. There’s plenty out there and right one for you is just around the corner.


David, Georgia and Grayson



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