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16 Jun

Posted By: David Florence 16th June

Grayson Florence and Elements Property

9 ways to market your property in it’s best possible light

When it comes to selling or letting your home, to get the best price possible you need to market well and present it like a premium product. One essential way to market your property at its best is to make sure the photos are on point.
When preparing for an estate agent to visit to shoot here’s a few things you can do to make your property easy on the lens.

1. Move your car
A driveway full of cars — yes, even if they are Mercs and BMWs — will add nothing of value to your home and should be driven out of shot. If the neighbours cars are parked in front of your house, don’t worry, not all is lost! Your agent can get creative with the angle they shoot from, or use Photoshop to digitally remove the car.

2. Open doors

Throw them open, internal doors that is. The front door can stay closed. Closed doors hide the natural flow of your home, make sure as your agent goes around snapping the rooms that they keep the doors open wide! This also helps get the most light possible into the shot.

3. Remove objects & clutter

Don’t expect your agent to roll up their sleeves and embarking on a full scale tidy up (unless it’s in your contract!), spend the night before getting your place ship shape and ready for to be photographed in a nice clean and tranquil state.

4. Open curtains and blinds

Open of course. Natural light is everybody’s friend, especially houses. If it is a dark day, then your agent should be able to tweak the levels in their photo-editing software.

5. Turn off televisions

Daytime TV in the shot is not going to improve your photos nor help you sell your house. All distractions should be kept to a minimum in your photos – you only want the buyers seeing the good stuff.

6. Move wheelie bins

Necessary to the running of a house, not necessary to the selling of a house. So many people don’t bother moving these eyesores out of shot, don’t be one of them, wheel them down the road or out of shot and keep the focus sharply on your lovely home.

7. Take pets out the room

Even if they are the cutest, fluffiest little bundles of ears and paws – they look a little out of place in a property photo, same with their bowels and toys. Try to remove all bowls and toys out of display and into a cupboard.

8. Remove garden rubbish

It’s a bit of a stretch to expect your agent to embark on a full scale garden clean up, so do your best to get everything nice and tidy, from the kids toys to stray hosepipes - get it all in order. However, if you simply don’t have time or it’s chucking it down - your agent should be able to remove anything like after the shoot in Photoshop

9. Skips, scaffolding and other immovable objects

Sometimes there are things you simply cannot move. Scaffolding is an eye-sore and may seriously harm your marketing shots but it’s not all bad news, any agent using professional photo editing software will be able to remove this to keep the focus on your house.

Want advice from an agent who takes pride in their photography ?

Here at Grayson Florence, we do things properly. We partner with Elements Property to ensure that the photos we take of your property are all professionally enhanced to make your listing stand out from the crowd and attract more enquires. We often find that better property photography can help to sell or let your home in less time!



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