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6 Feb

Posted By: David Florence 6th February

Selling in Trowbridge

Top Tips for selling your house in Trowbridge



  • Use a local estate agent who specialises in Wiltshire.

Of course, we're a bit biased here, but it's true that using an estate agent who knows the locality like the back of their hand makes a lot of sense. Matching your house to the right buyer is the primary job of an estate agent, and having local knowledge of the immediate area makes a massive difference to purchasers. A local estate agent will be able to recommend local surveyors and solicitors who perhaps already know the property.

  • Understand the different areas of Trowbridge

Hilperton, Starverton and Southwick are all fundamentally different parts of the town and thus marketing properties in each area requires different tactics. At Grayson Florence we work endlessly to ensure each property is marketed in the way that's right for that specific house, and that means knowing the different regions of the town.

  • Picking the right buyer is key.

It's not solely about accepting the highest offer. If there's several buyers, ensure your estate agent works out who is least likely to pull out, who is in a position to move quickly and who is most suited to the area into which they're moving. This is where knowledge of Trowbridge schools, industry and entertainment provides buyers with confidenc

  • Keep in touch with your estate agent.

We see it all the time - stories of agents who, once the sale has been agreed, disappear off the face of the earth and become impossible to contact. Use an estate agent you can build a rapport with, because even once you've accepted an offer, there's a lot to do and it's wise to have a friend in the industry to help you further down the line. It's one reason our contact hours are so wide: we want to build lasting relationships with our customers.

  • Viewing hours need to be flexible.

Yes, it can be an inconvenience if a buyer wants to view your house in the evening or on a weekend. But many purchasers in Trowbridge are moving from London and further afield, and that means weekday viewings simply aren't possible. Use a local estate agent who is willing to perform weekday evening and weekend viewings to maximise your chances of selling to the right buyer.

  • Have local builder and handymen at your disposal.

Giving your house a spruce-up before selling is always a good idea. Whether that's a fresh lick of paint or installing a new washing machine, knowledge of local traders comes in very handy to ensure you can undertake home improvements at the best price.

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