Expect More

Grayson Florence Property has been created to bridge the gap in the marketplace as we see it. We want to provide our clients with the best marketing and exposure options available, this will work to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible price for their home.

My name is David Florence and I have worked in the property industry for more than the last decade or so….. I started as a trainee in Bristol; straight out of university. I progressed through the UK’s largest property group to run my own branch in Gloucestershire. I then managed an independent agent in Cheltenham until I got the opportunity to move back to Bristol and run a flagship office of a major UK brand. I was raised and schooled in Bristol so this was a big opportunity for me to “come home”. in 2014/2015 my life has changed massively – I have had my first child!!! Grayson Florence was born at the end of 2014 and gave me the impetus to make this step to create a company that will provide the values and stability that he can be proud of. I’ve seen the market change and develop its use of technology, some changes are for the better, there are some I’m not sure about!

I’ve seen the marketplace go through boom and bust, helping clients to make as much money as possible from their property or to reduce their losses as much as possible

I’ve seen companies talk about giving their clients the best possible service and value for money, but at the same time trying to get as much from their clients as possible – regardless if its not in their best interest.

Why should you trust us to sell your home?

Well we feel that most agents seem to be focused on what they can get from their clients, can they upsell a marketing package? Can they sell a mortgage? Can they get any other streams of income from their vendor. We feel that sellers should be able to get the very best in the marketplace to enable them to get the best price for their property. We plan to give all our vendors access to all the technology we can get our hands on that will benefit them, we will consider any requests that our vendors want to use – maybe they have seen something somewhere that they fancy trying – if its feasible, then why not!! There should be no closed doors when the market and the world we live in is moving so fast!!

My team and I are here to help you with all aspects of your move. Please feel free to contact any of us for a chat if you want to discuss anything.


David and Grayson